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APRIL, 2020

Hi, I’m Tess, and I’m so glad you stopped by!

How do I tell you enough so you’ll get to know me and understand the purpose behind My Sweet Tooth Bakery, but still be brief?

I’m the mother of three children, all of them grown now and off living their own lives. I have one on the West Coast, two on the East Coast, and we’re smack dab in the middle here in Texas.

I share my home with my husband, David…

… and our two dogs (Sully and Capone).

I’m a brand new grandmother, and starting an adventure that I’ve been told is like no other. I suspect you’ll get to enjoy many moments of this particular adventure throughout My Sweet Tooth Bakery.

I’ve had a love affair with baking, cooking, and all things creative since I was a child. I’m a seamstress, a wallpaper hanger, and an amateur photographer. I can crochet with the best of them, but have never been able to get the knack of knitting.

I’ve dabbled in needlepoint, furniture refinishing and so many other arts and crafts over the years that I no longer remember them all. Some are still a part of my life, and others have faded off into the sunset.

Through the years, though, no matter what other interests have come and gone, cooking and baking have been a constant passion for me.

Well… Except for the five or six years after my children all left home, when I went on strike! For the sake of honesty, I must confess that during those years, as I adjusted to not having to constantly be “Mom,” I took quite a holiday. Quick and easy in the kitchen became my motto…

But I’m back! I’ve returned from my self-imposed sabbatical, and I’m cooking, baking and creating in my kitchen more than ever before.

“Sometimes, it isn’t until we step away that we are able to get a clear view of what is most important to us and to those we love.”

A few years ago my husband and I built our dream house, and while it was being built we literally committed it to God and to a ministry of hospitality. We knew we wanted our home to have a constantly open door, and we prayed that it would a welcoming oasis for family, friends, and neighbors.

We dreamed of a home that would have the echo of chatting and laughter virtually burned into the framework, able to be heard and felt long after we’re gone.

That’s what is at the heart of My Sweet Tooth Bakery.

My Sweet Tooth Bakery is an invitation, through the virtual world of the internet, for you to pull up a chair, enjoy a cup of coffee, indulge in a tasty treat with me, and chat about life.

I’ve found that, in our rush from one task, chore or commitment to the next, as we keep ourselves tethered to the busy treadmill of life, it’s easy to forget to stop and breathe… to take a few minutes to savor the small everyday moments…

The small, seemingly insignificant moments that often occur simply and spontaneously around the kitchen table as we eat together and catch up on each other’s stories about life.

In many of the photos, you’ll see bits and pieces of the sign that sits front and center on our kitchen counter. It says, “Enjoy the little things in life, for one day you will look back and realize they were the big things.”

David and I believe this with all our hearts and we are on a journey to live it out, both in our personal lives and with My Sweet Tooth Bakery.

My hope and prayer is that, through the stories and recipes shared here, you too will grow ever more appreciative of how much family, faith, food and friendship play a role in the little things that are actually the big things.

May you savor the moments created when your door is open and your kitchen table is surrounded by people enjoying the gifts created by you, in your kitchen.

From my home and my kitchen to yours…



  1. Hi, Tess!
    I’m delighted to have found your blog. We share many of the same values – except for Pillsbury Cinnamon rolls – I really don’t like them. But their orange danish is another matter entirely. We live in the country and our grocery store doesn’t have them very often, but when we go to the Big City, we buy every package we can find. I’m anxious to try your recipe! I love to bake and this willk be a great trip for my husband.
    Have a blessed day!
    Ruth Ann

    • Ruth Ann, I remember loving Pillsbury Cinnamon Rolls when I was a child. The orange ones too!!! But the homemade version is absolutely amazing. I look forward to hearing how yours turn out.

      Thank you for the lovely comment about shared values. It’s pretty special to encounter people who ‘get’ what I’m trying to convey about this and how meaningful The little things we experience with others can be if we watch for it.


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Behind the Scenes - Why My Sweet Tooth Bakery
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Behind the Scenes - Why My Sweet Tooth Bakery
Hi, I’m Tess, and I'm so glad you stopped by!How do I tell you enough so you’ll get to know me and understand the purpose behind My Sweet Tooth Bakery, but still be brief?
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My Sweet Tooth Bakery

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